I have a blog now.

Full Circle

I won’t do many posts like this in the future or maybe I will. I CAN’T READ THE FUTURE!! BUT I COULDN’T THINK OF WHAT ELSE TO WRITE TO LAUNCH THIS FUCKIN’ WEBSITE AND THEN SOMETHING POPPED INTO MY HEAD SO I’M SHARING IT!!!  ….. So sometimes I think about how cool and lucky I… Read more »


After way too long I finally have a website! Many of you have been giving me way too much shit about this but that doesn’t matter because NOW I HAVE ONE! Yes, it took a while. Maybe thats because I was busy shooting my TV show on NBC #UndateableLive (which we are waiting to hear… Read more »

“Get a good cry in”

Finally having a website I’ve decided to share some of my favorite things to watch on youtube. (I mean, ok, I guess I did this for Conan show but I don’t have a lot of shit involving me and web stuff because Im #cool.) Enjoy. Laugh. Cry. In that order


Huntington Beach
The Rec Room Huntington Beach
11/16 - 11/19
Houston, TX
Houston Improv
12/07 - 12/10
Addison, TX
Addison Improv
12/15 - 12/17
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Improv
12/28 - 12/31
Charlotte, NC
Comedy Zone